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Why choose Nasmed for your career

At nasmed we understand that when it comes to medical devices manufacturing, your choice of provider is not just a business decision; it's a matter of trust, quality, and patient safety. Here's why choosing us as your partner for medical devices, particularly in the field of blood collection tubes and urine containers, is a smart and responsible choice.

Dedication to Patient Safety: Patient safety is paramount in healthcare. We take this commitment seriously, ensuring that our products, from blood collection tubes to urine containers, meet the strictest safety standards to protect patients and healthcare professionals.

Life At Nasmed

Company Culture Emphasis

At nasmed our culture is built on collaboration, innovation, and a supportive community.

Professional Growth Opportunities

We're dedicated to your career growth and success at nasmed

Quality and Innovation

At nasmed quality is the bedrock of our innovation in medical device manufacturing.

Safety and Compliance

At nasmed safety and compliance are non-negotiable, ensuring the highest standards in medical device production.